Leonard Nimoy

Today the world lost someone who shaped a significant part of my identity from a very early age. I don’t have the words to adequately describe the loss I feel. Through the character of Spock, Leonard Nimoy defined a huge part of Star Trek, which in turn defined a huge part of me. The worldview embodied by Spock’s character is something that I think about as part of everything I do, and Spock’s great struggle between logic and emotion is something that I wrestle with on a daily basis. People of more than one generation have been shaped by what Leonard Nimoy gave us, and mere words don’t seem enough to acknowledge that.

My favorite tribute so far has been this one from io9:

The real essence of Star Trek is humanism — the belief in the power of pure humanity. And Nimoy, throughout his career, was someone who believed in people. Even after he mostly retired from acting, Nimoy had a second (or maybe third) career as a photographer, where he focused on finding the beauty in people that other photographers wouldn’t necessarily think of: including plus-sized burlesque dancers and people whose truest, most creative selves are hidden. Nimoy never stopped being curious — and fascinated — by humans and our incredible diversity.

The only comfort I take from this is the legacy that he left us with. We would all be fortunate to live long and prosper as he did.