Site Change

Late last year, a server upgrade caused the blogging engine I’d been using for several years to stop working. Since all it did was generate flat files, the website stayed online even though it could no longer be modified. It took me a long time to notice, and even longer to care enough to do anything about it. Eventually I moved to a different engine, hosted on Heroku instead of my own Linode VPS.

But while the solution was different, I was still thinking about the problem in the same way. I was hosting my site using somebody else’s solution that was designed for their own individual use. And while it works great for them and intermittently worked great for me, I realized that I don’t want to have to deal with my website breaking in odd ways or going through hours of troubleshooting when all I want to do is throw up a new post or make one minor change. And the people who created those engines would have told me the same thing if I’d asked them. I’m just stubborn.

My goal for this site has never really changed, and it’s not a lofty one. I just want to be able to write things sometimes and have a place to put them. Maybe to vent on a subject I care about, or to share information for the reference of others. What I don’t want is to click the “Post” button and watch as my site crashes, yet again, for yet another unknown and unforeseen reason. Or worse, to come back after not posting for so long that I don’t even remember how to do it.

So I just moved the damn thing over to Squarespace. I don’t have much of a historical legacy of posts that I care about, but I moved over the ones that I thought might be valuable. The whole thing was quick and painless, it looks good, and it’s not going to go down the next time I post something. For my own website, that’s pretty much all I ask.